‘Hungry Plants’ fertiliser feed

Product image 1‘Hungry Plants’ fertiliser feed
Product image 2‘Hungry Plants’ fertiliser feed
Product image 3‘Hungry Plants’ fertiliser feed
Product image 4‘Hungry Plants’ fertiliser feed

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Grub's up! To keep your houseplant green and thriving, you need to add nutrients to the soil. 'Hungry plants?' is a concentrated organic liquid houseplant feed which contains a full profile of nutrients vital for your houseplants' growth made by ‘For Peats Sake’ a UK based & eco-friendly horticulture brand. Pair with our professional-grade coir compost to create the ultimate soil for your houseplants! Made in the UK & all natural & chemical free. Perfect to gift a houseplant lover as comes beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly plastic free amber glass bottle. 

Our 100 ml NPK organic houseplant food contains a full profile of nutrients to keep your plant alive and thriving. The organic nature of our formula means that not only does your plant receive the vital nitrogen, phosphate and potassium needed to grow but it will also benefit from a huge range of other components which your plants would have access to in it's native environment.

How to use: Simply add 1 teaspoon of plant food per 1 litre of water. Use with every other watering throughout the year.

How it works (the technical talk): Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the three essential macronutrients needed by all plants to grow and stay looking green!

Derived from fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis of organic vegetable material certified for ecological growing. Our formula benefits from extra natural components such as amino acids, primary and secondary nutrients, trace elements, slow release organic nitrogen, carbohydrates, natural plant hormones and vitamins.

Added Aschophyllum nodosum seaweed extract improves plant vigour, abiotic stress resilience and chlorophyll synthesis.


Cactus Care

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Cactus Care Tips: The most common question I get asked is 'How NOT to kill your Cactus'

So here it is plain and simple...


 Cactus Tips: Luckily our little prickly friends are hearty creatures & are built for mother nature's land of neglect... the desert. The most common cactus or succulent killer is over watering. Your cactus wants  'dry feet' as its typical terrains are dry & arid, so go easy on H2O so the roots don't rot.

         Only water when soil dries. This can range depending the environment, but usually once a month in cooler seasons & no more than twice a month in warmer seasons. During the winter cold season cacti and succulents become dormant so you do not need to water them, give them a lil winter break. Ideally use a spray bottle or mister & try not to water the actual plant, but the soil directly around the base. 

        Your concrete planter porous so the pot itself recreates a rocky base and imitates the natural layers for drainage that the plants enjoy from their desert home. Also each parcel includes a layer of extra stones for the pot bottom to help with drainage for roots & extra acidic cactus soil. As a rule of thumb it's good to re-pot your cactus or succulent every 2-4 years, either if it's grown enough to go up a pot size, but mainly to replenish the soil's nutrients.

        Cacti & Succulents prefer light & warmth, but avoid direct sun as they can burn. To assist with growth & flowering use cactus feed in every other watering.

         Thank you for your support & I hope your purchase brings you a little sunshine indoors.


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