Manifest Your Dreams By Working With The Moon

Here at Hi Cacti, we are big fans of making life one beautiful ritual. From lighting a candle for a morning meditation to letting go with the powerful energy of the full moon, there is a lot of magic that we can create with even the smallest of practices.

 We thought that now would be the perfect time to dive into our moon rituals and take full advantage of the biggest full moon of the year happening at the moment!

If you’re new to working with the moon, then we’ve got you, as we take you through some simple ritual ideas to embrace the energies as we move through the moon’s monthly cycle. Little ideas to enhance our life experience. And we all want a bit more of that now, don’t we!

New Moon

The energy: Say hello to new beginnings! Time for reflection, setting intentions and thinking about how you want to feel in the month ahead.

The ritual: Grab a journal, light a candle, close down your eyes and take some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Bring your attention to your heart and any feelings that arise. What would you like to feel more of throughout the month ahead? Write a letter to your future self as though you already have it all. 

The tools: Magic of I Journal, Candle, Clarity Blends Heart opening oil, sage, Citrine crystal for abundance, Mystic Jagger New Moon Tea,  new plant to represent the growth of your intentions.


Mystic Jagger new moon tea from hi cacti


Full Moon 

The energy: What is the full moon illuminating for you? Reflect, feel, celebrate.

The ritual: Think deeply about the past month and ask yourself what you might be holding onto that you can let go off. Perhaps it’s a limiting belief, difficult conversation or even a work project that you just need to finish off. Whatever it is, ask yourself how you can clear it and release the energy you may be holding for it. The full moon can often bring interesting dreams, so it can be a great time to keep a sleep journal to reflect on as you move through the next moon cycle.

The tools: Magic of I Dream Journal, sage, amethyst crystal for tapping into your intuition, bath salts to ground and cleanse.




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Happy mooning!


Written by “Mama” Betty of Reclaim Your Wild

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