About me

Hi I'm Sabina!

I am the maker & owner of Hi Cacti, which I started in 2015. Hi Cacti is a cactus concept shop, part south by southwestern decor, part botanical boutique. My studio is in Brighton, my hometown Austin, Texas, and my spirit animal is Mexico. 

Personally I'm into cacti (DUH), crafting, 80's music, tacos, Euro-trips, a damn fine cup of coffee, vintage shopping, and I'm pretty crazy about my puppy dachshund Otto.

I started Hi Cacti in 2015 when I began making colourful concrete pots as cacti planters. The designs and colours I choose for my pots were inspired by my studies and interest in the aesthetics of Mexico and its art, but more specifically their colourful concrete cemeteries. 

Though my handmade concrete pots are my primary product, Hi Cacti is also a growing brand to include other handmade and imported Mexican, Native American and Americana home decor. My goal is to bring a Mexican vibrance and flare into peoples homes through the southwestern and botanical ranges of Hi Cacti's designs and handmade collections.

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