Meet The Makers of Hi Cacti: Amy Isles Freeman


At Hi Cacti we pride ourselves in showcasing and supporting small businesses and independent makers. We love their products and admire their hard work so much that we just HAD to share them with you!

Today we would love to share with you a little bit more about Amy Isles Freeman, so you can get to know the people behind the products you love so much!   

Amy is one of our resident artists here at Hi Cacti. Her work comprises of beautiful flowing lines and feminine forms. As well as our beautiful hand painted pots collaboration, she creates lovely illustration prints, hand painted clothes and hand turned wooden bowls.



This is how Amy describes her work and how her creative journey started:


“My work explores female sexuality, joy and freedom, and this theme began in art school, when I dove into the world of feminist art. I loved the raw emotion, but whilst the anger in the work resonated with me, it didn't come naturally in my own expressions. Then, in 2013, I visited an exhibition of Dorothy Iannone's work, and that changed everything for me. Colourful, cheeky and hilarious, I walked around the empty show with my laughter bouncing off the walls. She used the best communication tool to carry her message - humour. From then on, I felt the freedom to make work that would illicit at least a smile, if not a chuckle. Making work that celebrates women, that does not alienate or engender guilt, I found that I was opening up conversations. I do not, for one minute, think that anger has no place in feminist art, it really does, but this is the road that is paved with the most sincerity for me.”



We love the strong female power she shows through her work and we’re so happy to have her in the shop. The bright colours and organic shapes she uses on our collaborative pots are “so us” and we know you love them too! (It’s an easy one to guess by how fast they sell out every time!).

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