Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.

Product image 1Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.
Product image 2Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.
Product image 3Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.
Product image 4Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.
Product image 5Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.
Product image 6Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.
Product image 7Holistic Combo: White Sage, Palo Santo & a Crystal.

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Crystal Selection

A selection of everyone’s favourite holistic classics. In this combo you will receive 1x Palo Santo Stick, 1x Small White Sage Bundle and 1 x Crystal of your choice. 

Palo Santo: ’Holy Stick’ is an aromatic natural wood incense used ritually for centuries by Incas & indigenous people of the Andes, South America.

An ancient spiritual plant used to bless, cleanse & purify objects & spaces by combining elemental energies of fire/ flame, earth/ plant & air/ smoke. Used to raise vibrations, clear negativity & bring in positive energy as a grounding, relaxing & healing plant medicine. This medicinal smoke is antiseptic, antibacterial & anti microbial purifying air of nasties like bacteria & viruses. 


Sage: Smudging this sacred plant medicine ritualistically promotes healing, wisdom, relaxation, grounding, boosts brain, improves mood & ignites intuition. This medicinal smoke is antiseptic, antibacterial & antimicrobial purifying air of bacteria, viruses & fungi. 

To ‘smudge’, light end of a sustainably sourced stick or sage bundle holding at an angle & let burn for 30 seconds to 1 minute (sage only needs to burn for approximately 20 seconds). Blow out flame & wave stick around until its restful scent fills the space or sit stick on heat proof dish & let smoke.


Crystal Selection 

Rose Quartz: Love & compassion. Uses: generates self love, aids peaceful sleep, eases anxiety & fears, heals heartbreak & grief, brings peace, harmony & love.

Amethyst: Intuition & healing. Uses: heals & soothes, relaxes & calms mind, calms nervous system, enhances spiritual awareness, clears confusion & eases nightmares.

Tigers Eye: Resilience & Action. Uses: Clarifies vision, increases drive, grounds & stabilises, strengthens purpose, boosts willpower & focus, gives strength through challenging times.

Sunstone: Vitality, joy & light. Uses: removes inhibitions, eases aches & pains, brings warmth & light, boosts positivity & enthusiasm, encourages growth & expansion, enhances vitality & independence.

Black Tourmaline: Grounding & Protection. Uses: Grounds & stabilises, cleanses home & space, shields against negativity, helps connect to the present moment, detoxifies & purifies mind, body & spirit. 

Citrine: Dreams & manifestation. Uses: Sparks creativity, generates self belief, turns ideas into reality, boosts energy & happiness, manifests abundance & good fortune.

Selenite: Enlightenment & Cleansing. Uses: Conducts & cleanses energy, purifies mind, body & spirit, enhances spiritual awareness, cleanses home or space of negativity.

Cactus Care

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Cactus Care Tips: The most common question I get asked is 'How NOT to kill your Cactus'

So here it is plain and simple...


 Cactus Tips: Luckily our little prickly friends are hearty creatures & are built for mother nature's land of neglect... the desert. The most common cactus or succulent killer is over watering. Your cactus wants  'dry feet' as its typical terrains are dry & arid, so go easy on H2O so the roots don't rot.

         Only water when soil dries. This can range depending the environment, but usually once a month in cooler seasons & no more than twice a month in warmer seasons. During the winter cold season cacti and succulents become dormant so you do not need to water them, give them a lil winter break. Ideally use a spray bottle or mister & try not to water the actual plant, but the soil directly around the base. 

        Your concrete planter porous so the pot itself recreates a rocky base and imitates the natural layers for drainage that the plants enjoy from their desert home. Also each parcel includes a layer of extra stones for the pot bottom to help with drainage for roots & extra acidic cactus soil. As a rule of thumb it's good to re-pot your cactus or succulent every 2-4 years, either if it's grown enough to go up a pot size, but mainly to replenish the soil's nutrients.

        Cacti & Succulents prefer light & warmth, but avoid direct sun as they can burn. To assist with growth & flowering use cactus feed in every other watering.

         Thank you for your support & I hope your purchase brings you a little sunshine indoors.


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